Activated Charcoal – How To Whiten Your Teeth For Just Pennies!

If you’re looking to remove light stains from your teeth…

..But are not looking to spend a fortune on expensive teeth whitening treatments, then activated charcoal is something you might be interested in…

Keep reading below to learn more about this inexpensive way to whiten your teeth!

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal also known as activated carbon is a fine black powder produced from natural resources such as:

  • coconut shells
  • bamboo
  • willow peat
  • wood
  • coir
  • lignite
  • coal
  • petroleum pitch

These materials are processed at a very high temperature, which allows the charcoal to activate.

Through this process, the surface area of the charcoal becomes larger and becomes very porous.

The activated charcoal becomes black like the charcoal you would use for your grill, however grill charcoal loaded with toxins and chemicals and should never be consumed!

So How Does Activated Charcoal Work?

The porous nature of activated charcoal has a negative electrical charge, which allows positively charged molecules to attract to it the texture.

What this means is that positively charged toxins in your body attract to the activated charcoal and get absorbs by its pores before exiting your body through feces.

Activated charcoal is used mostly for treating poisoning and drug overdoses, but it can also be used for:

  • Reducing bloating and gas
  • Treating bile flow problems during pregnancy
  • Preventing hangovers
  • Improving kidney function
  • Teeth whitening

Activated charcoal teeth whitening has recently become a big trend, so let’s take a look at how it works.

How Does Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth?

Just like it does with toxins in your body, activated charcoal attracts the toxins from your teeth to itself while brushing.

The pores of the charcoal bind to the rough parts of your teeth (the surface stains and plaque) and once it has been given enough time to absorb these toxins, it will remove them when rinsing the charcoal out of your mouth.

However, deeply stained teeth and those that are becoming yellow naturally will not take to the charcoal as effectively as those that are lightly stained.

How To Use Charcoal To Whiten Teeth?

Take a wet toothbrush and empty a capsule of activated charcoal onto it quickly and put it into your mouth.

Try to avoid getting any charcoal on any surface because it will stain almost it comes into contact with!

Proceed to brush gently for at least 2-3 minutes allowing the charcoal to do its job before spitting it out.

After spitting it out, make sure you rinse your mouth out a few times and please clean your sink.

Black stains are quite noticeable!

After you brush with the activated charcoal, you will notice that your teeth will feel smooth as Santana and Rob Thomas and will start to have a shine to them.

Where Can You Buy Activated Charcoal?

activated charcoal tabletsYou can purchase activated charcoal capsules really anywhere these days.

I picked up a bottle of capsules at my local grocery store, however you can pick up a bottle at any health food store or online.

It is also possible to purchase the activated charcoal in powder form and there now many toothpastes out there that contain it as an active ingredient.

Activated Charcoal FAQs

Q: Can Activated Charcoal Damage My Enamel?

A: Yes, due to the charcoal being abrasive it possible to damage your enamel or chip your tooth. It is important to remember to brush lightly. Remember, sometimes less is more!

Q: My Teeth Are Very Stained, Will This Work For Me?

A: It depends on what they are stained by and for how long they have been stained. If you’re dealing with very yellow teeth from years of coffee and cigarettes, this may not be for you. It would be better to use a teeth whitening kit.

Q: Does Activated Charcoal Cause Teeth Sensitivity?

A: It can, so if you are worried about that you can actually use your finger or a cotton swab to brush on the charcoal instead of a toothbrush.

Q: Will Activated Charcoal Stain Veneers?

A: It shouldn’t due to the short time that it will be in contact with your teeth.

In Conclusion

Activated charcoal can be a great tool to affordably whiten your teeth but remember to be careful with it, due to its porous nature.

If you have lightly stained teeth definitely try giving this a try and let me know in the comment section below if you have used activated charcoal in the past to whiten your teeth or if you have any other comments or concerns.